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Out West Trip Day One

Several months ago, Mom told us that she'd like to take our family and my sister's family out west to visit Montana and Wyoming.  It was a trip that she and Dad had taken with us a few times when we were kids, and it would be a fitting way to honor Dad's memory.  Dad… Continue reading Out West Trip Day One

Learning to Blog

Journaling – Is that a word?

I had another post all lined up for today, but it dwelt heavily on my sin issues, and after yesterday, I figured I should keep it light. Otherwise I might wake up tomorrow to my Mom standing over me staging an intervention because I felt bad about myself. But don't worry, Mom, I'm ok. What… Continue reading Journaling – Is that a word?

Europe Trip 2008

My Favorite Things

Our day of regrouping started with (drum roll, Please) sleeping in! Fantastic. Of course, Jeff got up at 5 and went to work and Ann and Mom I'm sure had been doing constructive things for hours, but I slept like a rock. The basement of Ann and Jeff's Germany house actually has these metal horizontal… Continue reading My Favorite Things