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My 2017 Stand Out Books: Christian Living

  Not all books I loved, but books that stuck with me... Christian living/devotional/spiritual matters - I don't know what the appropriate category is here. Not all of these were published in 2017, I just read them then. 1. The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp Ann Voskamp's writing creates mixed feelings for me. I love… Continue reading My 2017 Stand Out Books: Christian Living

Christian Living

We Were Made For More

If ever there was a reason to believe that we are beings made for eternity, it is how much we want to do every day. It is more than we could ever possibly do. I have made a hobby of reading time management books, and they all start with the same premise: you can't do… Continue reading We Were Made For More

Christian Living

Some Practical Ways to Sit at Jesus' Feet

OK, I've admitted it, I am Martha.  So how do I become Mary? Ahh, good question, grasshopper. There can be a perception that spending time at Jesus' feet is this blissful, quiet, yoga-like experience where we close our eyes and inhale through our nose and picture ourselves in a meadow with Jesus running toward us.… Continue reading Some Practical Ways to Sit at Jesus' Feet