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Road Trip to Acadia: Part Three

After taking a bit of a recovery day on our first full day in Acadia, we were ready to get out and explore on Day Two.  We had a fishing/sightseeing tour scheduled for 1:00, so we decided to drive up to Cadillac Mountain in the morning just to take in the views. The day was… Continue reading Road Trip to Acadia: Part Three


The Beginning of the End

You know how Facebook has that thing where it shows you your memories from a year ago on that day? Mine have been very bittersweet lately. This time last year, Mom, my sister Sam and I drove down to Orlando to attend The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference.  I will never forget sitting down at our… Continue reading The Beginning of the End

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We alll want a Family

Jack and I were watching a show today about estate sales, and at the end of the show, the guy who was selling his parents' belongings commented on how hard it was to watch things he had grown up with being sold and carried out the door by strangers.  He said, "I still miss my… Continue reading We alll want a Family