Something in the Ceiling

This afternoon I cut up fruit for our church’s Wednesday night supper.  Why, one may ask, would I cut up fruit for 50 people when I have more important things to do like read my new cookbook cover to cover? So far I am on sauces.  Anyway, tonight is Chick-fil-A night, our family’s personal favorite.  We do not attend Wednesday night supper when it’s pinto beans, cornbread, and collard greens, but the Kendricks are definitely in the fellowship hall when it’s time for some fried chicken sandwiches!

However, I always feel faintly sick to my stomach after Chick-fil-A night because we have the glorious sandwich with – yuck – a side of chips and cookies.  No unprocessed food to be seen!  Now I am not sure why that offends me when I would gladly eat fast food every week – maybe it’s the lack of french fries that puts me off – but I decided we need fruit to balance out our meal.  So Mark the church intern gave me a budget of $20 and I trundled off to Sam’s to see how much fruit that would buy me.  Not a lot!  But I was already committed to fruit salad, so I bought what I could and came home and washed and chopped fruit for about an hour.  Not sure now if it was worth it, and I am almost positive that it is not enough fruit to feed 50 people.  I think next time I will make my own personal fruit salad and not enforce my wacky nutritional ideas on the church family at large.

While I was chopping strawberries, pineapple, apple, grapes and bananas into bite-sized pieces, I noticed a scratching noise coming from the ceiling.  At first I thought it was a wasp or a fly banging up against the kitchen window, but it was too consistent and too loud to be an insect.  It was…an animal, of some sort, in the attic, trying to find its way down to my fruit salad.  It sounded very much like it was tunneling through the ceiling, and I turned on the sink light hoping it was up in the wiring and it would get fried!!!  That did not work.  So I turned my little kitchen radio up really loud and chanted to myself, there is not a rodent about to drop in the sink, there is not a rodent about to drop in the sink…eventually I finished chopping and evacuated the kitchen, making a mental note to set traps in the attic.  Or better yet, to send my husband up there to do it.


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