Shin Splints

I have blogged before about how much I enjoy running. I really do, especially when I’m in shape and can just zone out and not continually think, “I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I should have bought one of those road ID bracelets so they could call Justin when they found my body.”

The last time that I could zone out while exercising was probably this time last year.

Anyway, hope springs eternal in my flabby body as the weather warms up and the smelly sneakers beckon, and I was ready to get back into it. I started with my run/walk intervals, started eating better, started even losing a bit of the flab, and then a nagging pain in my shins began. And with every outing, it increased.

Fast forward to me at Walmart last night buying ice packs for both legs and then wailing in my long-suffering husband’s arms because the shin splints were taking over my life. And I ate multiple cookies because I was so frustrated.

Do you know what the universally-acknowledged treatment for shin splints is? You ice them. And you stop running. In some cases (mine being one of them), you can’t even power walk. You just have to quit until they stop hurting. You can bike or swim.

I can’t fit into my bathing suit. THAT’s why I was running. And I would bike, but my back tire has been off the bike for some time now. I thought I could change out the tube, but it turns out I don’t know how. And I don’t want to spend the money to get someone else to do it. Plus I don’t even like biking. Cars all anxious to get around you, figuring out which gear to be in…bike shorts…yeah. No, thanks.

You get shin splints from
Not stretching properly,
trying to run too much, too soon,
Worn out shoes,
Running on hard pavement…
Check, check, check, and check.

So tomorrow we’re going to Fleet Feet to buy some proper shoes. I will do a recumbent bike at the Y, then the elliptical when I’m getting better. I have agreed to stretch properly. And when my legs stop hurting, I will very, very gradually increase my mileage. I will run at Milliken or on the Cottonwood Trail. Or even on the treadmill, which I hate because it’s inside but I love because I can watch mindless TV and run at the same time. I will not try to run six days a week. I will cross-train.

Shin splint vows. Now I just have to throw away those cookies.


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