My First Appliqued Pillow

How do you get the little accent over the “e” in applique? I don’t know. But I don’t have to have the accent there to tell you that I finally completed my Christmas pillow.
Yes, it is January. Mid- to late-January, to be specific. BUT done is better than perfect, and I’ll throw it in a bin with all of the other decorations and it will be such a happy surprise next December!

 I used the tutorial from TaDa! Creations. It was very thorough and helpful, and if you ever need to applique something yourself, you should check it out.

Since my mom lives four hours away, I have no one to truly tell me what a great job I did.  Actually there are mistakes, but for a first go-round, I think it turned out fabulous. And I’m sure my mom would too.

I showed it to each of my kids and my husband, and they all said it looked good. Fluffy and soft, actually, was the prevailing sentiment.

I love the ball fringe too. It was my first time with it, and it is much more forgiving than twisted cord piping. And so much more fun! The retro print and the ball fringe give it a childhood vibe that I luuuuuuv.

OK, it’s time to fix supper now. If you want, you can be a mom substitute and tell me how awesome my pillow creation is.  Apparently I need a LOT of affirmation. 

Don’t you love it?


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  1. It's gorgeous Susan! Love the fabric and ball fringe too. And no you are not late for Christmas just early for next year. 😉 I'll be starting our Christmas stockings this month too.

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