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Busy errand-running day.  House in shambles.  Laundry overtaking guest bed (good thing no guests!).  It growls at me when I come in the room.  Ran 5.5 miles today!  Yippee!  On a treadmill.  Does that still count?  Probably not.

OK Here is one of my favorite jokes (and I only have about three I can remember and two are knock-knock jokes) ever:

There once was a monk with no arms who lived in a monastery far, far away.  His job every day was to ring the bell in the bell tower, but since he had no arms, he would get a running start and bang! the bell with his head.  It was painful, but he was so glad to be of use to his monkish brotherhood that he didn’t mind.  Then one day there was a terrible ice storm, and the bell tower floor was coated in a sheet of ice.  The armless monk began his first run of the day toward the bell, but he lost his footing and fell out of the tower and onto the ground, dead as a doorknob.  A little while later two monks walked by and saw him lying on the ground.  One monk asked, “Who is that?” and the other responded, “I don’t know his name, but his face sure rings a bell!”

Share with your immature friends (like myself).  Have a good day!


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  1. 5.5 miles! What are you thinking? You are going to smoke us. We're doing a/b 1.5 miles. Stop running so much. Don't be an over achiever. It's lonely at the head of the pack.

  2. It took me an hour, ok? And it was on a treadmill, which is like running downhill the whole time. I'm going to run this 10k in Greenville w/ Suzanne so I have to get ready before you!

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