How to Style Your Fall Farmhouse Tiered Tray

It’s Fall (or Autumn, whichever season name you prefer), and many of us find ourselves with the urge to decorate for the season. There are many different areas of your home, inside and out, that are potential candidates for pumpkins, warm blankets, and lots of cute seasonal items. Today, let’s talk specifically about how to style a tiered tray.

Tiered trays are so fun and festive, but sometimes we see those cute styled trays on Instagram or Pinterest and feel like we could never do something that looked as nice. However, if you look closely, there’s a bit of a formula that you can follow to create your own styled tray that will make you happy every time you look at it. In this post, we’ll look at 10 different cute Fall tiered trays, and then we will figure out how to make our trays look just as nice.

Fall Tray #1

From Pinterest

This tiered tray from Pinterest is simple and delightful to look at. If you notice, there are only two items on the tray that are overtly seasonal (the wooden tag and the little ceramic pumpkin). The rest of the tray is filled with neutral decor that could be used all year round.

A good way to make sure that you don’t spend a lot of money on your tiered tray decor is to fill it with mostly neutral items and then simply add a few pops of seasonal color and wording.

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To create a similar look, here is a tiered tray from Amazon that fits the bill nicely.

You could also add a similar wooden tag from Etsy that has the Pumpkin wording on it.

Next, pick up some little woven wicker balls from Amazon or your local craft store.

I couldn’t find any white wood pieces like you see in the picture on the bottom tier, but you could use a string or two of whitewashed wooden beads from Amazon to fill in that spot.

Along with these items, add a

small single wick jar candle,

a small ceramic pumpkin and

stamped spoons in

a Rae Dunn Cream Pitcher from Amazon

and all you need is some small potted faux plants

and you are set with a cute, festive tiered tray!

Fall Tray #2

Tiered Tray from Dining Delight

I really love this tiered tray from Lori, the blogger behind Dining Delight.

What really makes it shine is the copper accents against her crisp, white kitchen.

Again when we break down the tray styling into its individual components, we see that this look is totally achievable for any tiered tray novice.

There are three copper mugs (easily sourced from Amazon and useful for Moscow Mule drinks when they are not holding seasonal decor!).

A cute little copper pumpkin (here’s a similar one from eBay or you could make your own following the instructions in this blog post).

Stack some mini oval sauce dishes and add a small pumpkin on top.

Add a cute turkey to the top tier, as well as a small flameless candle.

And don’t forget your Happy Fall Y’all sign for the top tier as well!

Now, you just need some decorative wheat sheaves, some colorful Autumn leaves and artificial stems, and you’ve got a sweet little tiered tray!

Fall Tray #3

Via Patty on Instagram

OK, she had a lot of fun with this one, didn’t she! Notice the layers of containers in this cute two-tiered galvanized tray from Amazon.

Before Patty put anything down, she first used a layer of straw to create an outside hayride feel. You could grab some raffia ribbon or just use some excelsior straw like this bag from Amazon.

Next put in two or three small ceramic pots in colors of cream and orange. You could also use a big soup mug if you have those in the colors you want.

I couldn’t find the exact cotton boll orb pictured here, but here is a similar item from Amazon.

I love the little mason jar she filled with acorns. And I love that the acorns are cream colored so they really show up in the tray. You can purchase some similar acorns here at Amazon.

Then you just need

Fall Tray #4

Via Instagram

This tiered tray uses a few more muted color, but it’s still obviously an Autumn tray.

Melissa (@our.home.on.adkins) pulled together a lot of fun pieces.

Let’s see if we can isolate the individual elements in this tray:

The faux stems are eucalyptus leaves. (Here are some similar ones from Amazon).

The little orange canister is very cute; here’s one on Etsy with a similar feel.

Small white, sage green, and muted orange pumpkins are scattered on top and bottom tiers.

A festive wooden bead garland is also included; I couldn’t find these exact colors, but this one is super cute and would definitely work.

Melissa makes her own book stack; you could do so too! Here’s a YouTube tutorial to walk you through the process.

Here’s a cute gnome sitting on a pumpkin that would work in place of the one in the picture.

She also used a few tiny hay bales to add some height and texture to her tiered tray decor.

Fall Tray #5

Before we even get into the decor here, let’s talk about how cute this three tiered tray is! I love that it is rectangular instead of circular. This tiered tray could work in a variety of applications beyond seasonal kitchen decor!

On the top tier, we can see:

On the middle tier, we have:

On the bottom tier, there are:

What Did We Learn?

Tiered Trays look complicated, but with a little creativity and some gathering of decorative, seasonal pieces, you can absolutely make one yourself. All you need is to find one you like and style it similarly to one of these pictures; or you can peruse Pinterest or Instagram to find more inspiration!

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  1. Do you know where I can buy this exact same 2 tier wooden tray as in Fall Tray #4? I do not care for the one from Amazon.

    1. Hi Linda, I looked around online and couldn’t find one that I could guarantee was the exact same tray. I’m sorry!

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