Great Expectations

I have spent most of my day in bed, calling in sick from laundry and cleanliness.  My husband left yesterday for a Church Planter Training Conference in Orlando, and apparently he took with him my exceptionally long streak of not-catching-a-cold.  But, there is also a stomach bug traveling around our little circle of life, so I’m just thankful to be not hugging a toilet and functioning, albeit slowly and with many hacking noises.  I also stayed up later than usual last night trying my hand at graphic design because my heart’s desire is a cool logo for our little church plant.  Not my giftedness apparently.

One of the blogs I visit fairly regularly is girltalk, a collaborative effort by the daughters and wife of C J Mahaney.  Today’s entry was about their challenge starting Feb. 1st to join the 5 o’clock club.  Ideally, there would be time in our day for leisurely Bible reading, meditation, hymn singing, lengthy prayer journaling, but as we know, somehow it just doesn’t work that way.  And while life can get in the way, I am convicted about the priorities that show up in my day.  Sure, I get up and read my Bible in the morning, then fire off a quick “bless this day” as I trudge down the hall to wake the sleeping beasties, but where’s my daily emphasis and focus?  Often, not on my Savior and King.  Sometimes I wonder (and it’s possible there’s some messed-up theology in here) if I am so disorganized because I make organizing my life my priority.  Does that sound crazy?  I guess I’m saying that in a way, getting “my act together” can often become the #1 priority in my life.  While it is certainly a goal worthy of pursuing, it cannot become my ultimate purpose, because it cannot fix my heart. It can’t redeem me from my sin!  I often tell the contestants on the Biggest Loser this very thing as I eat skittles and watch them sweat, but they never seem to listen.  Weight loss! A noble goal, one that I (inconsistently) pursue myself! Though you will feel and look better, ultimately your confidence and worth cannot come from your physical appearance.  It will fail you!

Anyway, about the club – the idea is that you get up at 5:00 each morning and spend that time when the house is still quiet (I hope) in conversation with God and Scripture-reading.  Right now I get up at 6 and have about 25 minutes before everyone gets up.  And sometimes I spend that time with Southern Living and some yogurt instead of the Lord.  Sometimes I spend it frantically putting together three lunches.  I would like to spend my time well.  Look, here’s the deal: it’s hard to be consistent…with anything!  But, God’s mercies are new every morning, and I know that just because I mess up, I cannot give up.  So, do you want to join the club with me?  I’ll call you around 4:45 Monday morning :).

P.S. A great song to go along with this is Sara Groves’ First Song that I Sing (you can read the lyrics here). Set your alarms!


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  1. i have been wanting to do this. two weeks ago i did it twice, but soon forgot about it after i went out of town. maybe i should try again. though, i do not want a phone call at 5 eastern time! henry is sleeping until 7:30 (recently), so 6 central is good enough!

  2. Honestly, I am afraid that the alarm will go off and Justin will be so mad at me! He doesn't turn into a Christian until 7 a.m. He told me he's hanging out with Lanier Wood in Orlando and you are good friends with Lanier's wife. What a small world! I think last year at that conference we ran into some couple that loved you. You guys are everywhere!

  3. what can i say? we are awesome! so, are you staring this monday? i need some motivation! my life is getting too busy and if i don't get up early, i don't know how i will ever spend time w/ God. frank gets up at 4:15, but that is much too early for me. and my alarm is much louder than his, so i am afraid i will wake henry up. excuses, excuses!

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