DIY Farmhouse look Family Pumpkin Pillow

how to make your own pumpkin pillow
How to make a cute fabric applique pumpkin pillow with your family name using your Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and an iron.

DIY Farmhouse look Family Pumpkin Pillow

Who wants a quick and simple DIY? This farmhouse look Family Pumpkin Pillow is a project that you will have done in a jif. And it’s the perfect touch of subtle Fall decor to take you throughout the season!

Here is a cute and simple pillow cover that is easy to make with your Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine and will look so great in your home throughout the Fall.

Perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving and as a gift to give to a friend!

Here are the things you need:

Supply List

  • 18×18 orange buffalo plaid pillow cover  (I like this one from Amazon)
  • I bought my ticking stripe at a local fabric store, but this fabric is very similar.
  • Heat n Bond Ultra Hold (be sure to get the Ultra Hold in the Red package and not the Lite in the Purple package).
  • Black Heat Transfer Vinyl (for the name on the pillow – if you’d rather leave the pumpkin blank, you don’t need any heat transfer vinyl (HTV)).
  • 20×20 Pillow Insert (I buy mine in bulk, but here’s a 2-pack that’s pretty affordable).  I like to use a slightly bigger pillow insert than the pillow cover because this helps the pillow to look nice and full.
  • Heat Press, Iron or Cricut Easy Press (I use a Heat Press similar to this one, but it’s not a necessity for this project. An iron will do the job.)

Step One: Find A Pumpkin Shape You Like

Head over to the Silhouette Design Store and browse the pumpkin designs.  Look for a simple pumpkin shape that appeals to you.

Purchase your design, and open it in your Silhouette Studio software.

Pumpkin silhouette studio

I resized my pumpkin shape to approximately 11 inches by 11 inches. This size fits nicely on an 18×18 pillow cover.

Step Two: Cut Heat n Bond

Cut your Heat n Bond Ultrahold. I add one inch to the height and width of the shape I’m cutting, so I cut my Heat n Bond for this applique shape at 12 inches by 12 inches.

No need to cut your fabric (yet).

Step Three: Adhere Heat n Bond to Fabric

Take your fabric to the ironing board and iron it well.

I like to iron my fabric wrong side up, since that is the side to which  I’m applying the Heat n Bond.

Adhere Heat n Bond using the manufacturer’s directions that came with the package. Allow it to cool, then cut the fabric along the edge of the Heat N Bond.

Step Four: Cut Pumpkin Shape Out with your Silhouette

Place the Fabric (with Heat n Bond applied) on your Silhouette Cutting Mat. Since my mat is old and losing its adhesiveness, I also tape the fabric on with this surgical tape. You can use any kind of tape really, but this tape tears easily so if the silhouette blade has to cut through it, it doesn’t mess up the design. It also comes off easily but holds its grip once applied. I’m a big fan.

I keep an extra Silhouette blade that I only use for cutting fabric, so I pop that blade in the holder.

I cut my fabric with the blade depth on 7, speed 5, and force 33. I set it to make two passes.

**Insert picture**

Step Five: Adhere your Pumpkin Shape to your Pillow Cover

Once the Silhouette has finished cutting your fabric pumpkin appliqué, carefully remove it from the cutting mat.

Remove the paper backing from the Heat N Bond on the underside of your pumpkin; there should be a shiny plastic surface remaining. That’s the glue that bonds your appliqué to your pillow cover.

Center your design (I just eyeball it) and adhere appliqué to pillow using your iron or heat press. Follow the directions on the Heat N Bond Ultra package to ensure proper adhesion.

Hooray! It’s looking pretty cute already, but let’s add a little personalization to it.

Step Six: Add Your Family Name

In your Silhouette Studio Software, open the text panel (look for the letter A on either the top or sides of your screen, depending on which version of Silhouette Studio you are using).

Type in the words “the” and “family”.  For these two words, I like to use a block or print style instead of something cursive/flowy. I used Ariadne Sans on my pillow, but any block-style print will do.

Ungroup the letters and then group them into two groups: “the” and “family”.

For “Kendrick”, I like to use a big, bouncy, modern calligraphy style font.  There are lots of great options to choose from, but I like the Starfish font. It is free for personal use.

Type Kendrick, then ungroup, and then weld the letters together.

fonts for pumpkin pillow

Now that you have these three separate words, you can move them around and resize them until they look how you want them.

letters on pumpkin pillow

OK looks good!

Now place your black heat transfer vinyl face down (shiny side down) on your Silhouette cutting mat and cut the letters out. Be sure to mirror your letters!

Weed the excess vinyl away from the letters.

Now it’s time for the final step!


Step Seven: Press the Family Name onto the Pumpkin Fabric

Once your black heat transfer vinyl is weeded, center it onto the pumpkin appliqué. Just move it around until you like the way it looks.

Iron or press the letters onto the pumpkin fabric. If using an iron, here are some tips to ensure a good result.

Once everything has cooled, upzip the pillow cover and insert your pillow form. Try to get the corners of the form all the way up in the corners of the cover for a nice, even result.

top view of family pumpkin pillow

Stand back and admire your work! These make great gifts, and once you know how to make them, they’re really quick and easy to make.

Like the look but don’t want to make one? I also have these available for purchase in my Old Trace Designs Etsy Shop.



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