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Fruit Cocktail Casserole

Tonight we are eating Tater Tot Casserole.  We rarely eat casseroles; we are more of a meat, starch, and veggie family.  My children like easily identifiable food on their plate, and anything coming out of a 9x13 dish will be spread apart on their plate and analyzed.  They interrogate me:   What is this little… Continue reading Fruit Cocktail Casserole

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Death-wish Frog

This may feel like a re-run, because the frog has leapt onto the pages of this blog before, but I tell you what... He outdid himself today. The backstory: Said froggy currently resides in a second-hand goldfish bowl in our kitchen. For more of his murky history, you can read this. Jack and I were emptying… Continue reading Death-wish Frog

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The Many Faces of My Beloved

Justin turned 40 in March.  It was pretty anti-climactic, all things considered.  I had given him a surprise party last year that involved some pretty elaborate evasive techniques, and I wasn't up to the drama again. Italian Cream Cake with 40 candles.  Can you say "waxy frosting"? I wanted to give him something amazing or… Continue reading The Many Faces of My Beloved

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Maybe Tomorrow

It is a beautiful day here in Sparkle City, South Carolina. The wind is blowing, and the birds sound like the soundtrack to The Masters Golf Tournament. I read somewhere that when networks are showing golf and the birds aren't singing up to par (get it? Up to par?), they will pipe in additional bird… Continue reading Maybe Tomorrow

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Shin Splints

I have blogged before about how much I enjoy running. I really do, especially when I'm in shape and can just zone out and not continually think, "I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I should have bought one of those road ID bracelets so they could call Justin when they found my body."… Continue reading Shin Splints

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Family Devotions

Last night as we were trying to have a little family Bible reading time, the kids kept being silly and making jokes.  They were warned that there was a time for laughing and a time for listening, and right now, they should be listening.  Everyone sobered up and got serious. Our lesson was on Genesis… Continue reading Family Devotions

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Profanity! Reader Discretion Advised

For Christmas, Justin asked for a CD by a band called Mumford and Sons. Now, it pains me to admit this, but I have long privately held the opinion that Justin has zero musical taste. Whenever we're on long car trips and I'm driving and he's deejaying, I internally roll my eyes. A sampling of… Continue reading Profanity! Reader Discretion Advised