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Car Trouble in Paradise

After ONE YEAR (no kidding) of planning and preparation and a full week of packing, cooking and loading the camper, today was the day. Phones? Check. Maps? Check. TripTik? Check. National Park Pass? Check. Camper Hitched? Check. 8 Million Books to Read? Check. Full Tank of Gas? Check. LET'S GO! With a prayer for safe… Continue reading Car Trouble in Paradise

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Hamilton at the Fox

  Hamilton May 26 and 27 Mom knew how much Emma loved listening to Hamilton and decided to take her to see it when it came to Atlanta.  She let me and Jack (who also enjoys it) tag along too. She and I conferred and she bought tickets and hotel accommodations in November. Saturday She… Continue reading Hamilton at the Fox

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Day Two: Keystone, SD to Billings, MT

Good morning, South Dakota! We woke up, packed up, and went on the hunt for a substantial breakfast in Keystone.  TripAdvisor suggested the Powder House, and it did not disappoint! Some of us had the regular fare of pancakes and bacon, and some of us had trout and bison for breakfast.  It was all delicious… Continue reading Day Two: Keystone, SD to Billings, MT

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Tuesday at the Ted

Our traveling-circus-themed July actually began June 30, when we drove to Atlanta, about 3 hours from our home in South Carolina, for a quick trip to Turner Field to watch the Braves play.  We try to go to at least one Braves game annually, mostly because our middle son is a huge fan and either watches… Continue reading Tuesday at the Ted


The Beginning of the End

You know how Facebook has that thing where it shows you your memories from a year ago on that day? Mine have been very bittersweet lately. This time last year, Mom, my sister Sam and I drove down to Orlando to attend The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference.  I will never forget sitting down at our… Continue reading The Beginning of the End

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MLK day

Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so the kids were out of school.  We went to Charlotte to watch a Bobcats game.  I tried to take a picture of all of these little birds sitting on the barricades, but they flew away. Sadly, none of my family wanted to stay outside in the cold… Continue reading MLK day

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January 3

THAT is the world's worst chicken pot pie casserole. Not only did it taste horrible, it looked nasty and it took a long time to make. I boiled a whole chicken to get the meat, cut up tiny little pieces of carrots, onion and celery, made a homemade sauce. The only thing not time-consuming were… Continue reading January 3