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My 2017 Stand Out Books: Christian Living

  Not all books I loved, but books that stuck with me... Christian living/devotional/spiritual matters - I don't know what the appropriate category is here. Not all of these were published in 2017, I just read them then. 1. The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp Ann Voskamp's writing creates mixed feelings for me. I love… Continue reading My 2017 Stand Out Books: Christian Living

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We Were Made For More

If ever there was a reason to believe that we are beings made for eternity, it is how much we want to do every day. It is more than we could ever possibly do. I have made a hobby of reading time management books, and they all start with the same premise: you can't do… Continue reading We Were Made For More

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Some Practical Ways to Sit at Jesus' Feet

OK, I've admitted it, I am Martha.  So how do I become Mary? Ahh, good question, grasshopper. There can be a perception that spending time at Jesus' feet is this blissful, quiet, yoga-like experience where we close our eyes and inhale through our nose and picture ourselves in a meadow with Jesus running toward us.… Continue reading Some Practical Ways to Sit at Jesus' Feet

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Don't you care?

Yesterday Justin preached about Jesus with Martha and Mary.  You know the story, when Martha is super busy getting lunch ready for Jesus and his crew, and Mary (her sister) isn't helping Martha at all.  She is just sitting at Jesus' feet, listening.  Martha is frustrated because her sister isn't doing her fair share of… Continue reading Don't you care?

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Family Devotions

Last night as we were trying to have a little family Bible reading time, the kids kept being silly and making jokes.  They were warned that there was a time for laughing and a time for listening, and right now, they should be listening.  Everyone sobered up and got serious. Our lesson was on Genesis… Continue reading Family Devotions

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We alll want a Family

Jack and I were watching a show today about estate sales, and at the end of the show, the guy who was selling his parents' belongings commented on how hard it was to watch things he had grown up with being sold and carried out the door by strangers.  He said, "I still miss my… Continue reading We alll want a Family