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My 2017 Stand Out Books: Nonfiction

  I will give you five... Five books that I enjoyed from 2017 (that were not fiction, that is. My fiction post is here.) Not all of these were published in 2017, I just read them then. 1. The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel This is the story of a man named Christopher Knight who… Continue reading My 2017 Stand Out Books: Nonfiction

2017 standouts, Books

My 2017 Stand Out Books

  Help! Too many books! Said no one ever, of course, but when one is trying to narrow down a massive book list to just a handful to recommend to friends, it can be a bit overwhelming. Before I dive in, a note of clarification: these are not always my favorite books in the sense… Continue reading My 2017 Stand Out Books

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I have reservations

Just a brief note, basically to remind myself what a nut I have been with reserving campground sites for our trip. For each campground on recreation.gov, you can reserve a campsite exactly six months before the date you plan on camping. So Tuesday was our first go-round with North Rim Campground. I got up ready… Continue reading I have reservations

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In Six Months>>>

Long ago in a state far, far to the east, a girl had a dream.  Her dream was to touch the rim of the Grand Canyon, to hike through the Narrows in Zion, to watch the light change in the Antelope Canyon, to see hoodoos and the sunrise at Horseshoe Bend. This week, that dream… Continue reading In Six Months>>>

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Road Trip to Acadia: Part Three

After taking a bit of a recovery day on our first full day in Acadia, we were ready to get out and explore on Day Two.  We had a fishing/sightseeing tour scheduled for 1:00, so we decided to drive up to Cadillac Mountain in the morning just to take in the views. The day was… Continue reading Road Trip to Acadia: Part Three