A Back to School Prayer

a back to school prayer
A prayer for students, parents and teachers as school is back in session this year.

For Teachers

Father God,  for our faculty we pray:

  • patience
  • the wisdom and empathy to see past the posturing and attitude, noise and chaos of a room full of happy and hurting students
  • for divinely appointed times and spaces to speak to individual lives,
  • the creation of a safe place in the classroom for students to question and grow and thrive and learn.
  • Help our teachers to not grow weary in the good that they do, day in and day out.
  • Guard them from jumping to conclusions about parents and home life; expand their vision to take in all backgrounds and points of view.
  • Strengthen the relationship between student, parent, and teacher, remembering that the same goal of learning and flourishing unites all of us.
  • Give our teachers the space to work hard when at work, and give them rest and revitalization at home.

For Students

Lord, we pray that you would help our students to

  • Walk in to the classroom with head held high, remembering they are the only “they” God made, and He loves them without limit.
  • Work hard and fearlessly
  • Resist the urge to compare themselves with others or worry about what anyone else says. 
  • Befriend the friendless
  • Gently speak words of truth and kindness to bullies and braggarts.
  • Look for opportunities to serve and stretch
  • Worry not about GPAs and test scores when they know they’ve given their all.
  • Be respectful to and grateful for  teachers and school administrators, who work long hours because they care about their students.
  • Be courteous to everyone they interact with, even when they do not return the favor.
  • Let others go first. 

For Those Moving off to College

Holy Spirit, Help these young adults to

  • Enjoy this newfound independence,
  • Explore their individuality and investigate their dreams.
  • Persevere in searching for beauty, goodness and truth, and to shine a light on what they find for those around them also to see.
  • Unabashedly take advantage of the resources and wisdom offered by their professors, guidance counselors, and alumni that have gone before. (Free tutoring for pete’s sake! Get it!).
  • Unashamedly admit they need help, gratefully accept it, and generously extend it to others.
  • Find their community. Create their tribe.
  • Be relentless in pursuit of meaningful work, classes and relationships. Know that it will be often be hard, messy, circuitous, and worth it.
  • Not give up if what they’re working towards, searching for, is important to them.
  • Be willing to get it wrong in order to get it right next time.
  • Make a monthly reminder to call their parents and tell those sweet people they love them and they’re thankful for their support. Parents need to hear it more often than one might think. 

For Parents

Oh Father, you know well the tender pain of watching your children grow, embark on the next journey, move off to a new place. Help these moms and dads

  • As they daily deposit these holders of their hearts to (sometimes) unfamiliar faces.
  • To remember that those people are there, at their childrens’ school, because they want to see those kids flourish, and we are all on the same team.
  • Resist the temptation to fear and worry, but to give all fears and anxieties to Jesus.
  • Look for ways to serve and encourage their students, their teachers and school staff.
  • Communicate well with teachers, learn from their experience, and consider their advice.
  • Not be so quick to defend their child that they can’t hear what their teacher is saying.
  • Encourage their kids to work; don’t work for them. Be their advocate, not their surrogate. Let them work hard, let them fail, dust them off when life trips them up.
  • Hug their children even when shrugged off; those kids need that embrace more than they know.

Jesus, we give you this school year.

May we do work and love people in a way that brings you glory and builds your kingdom. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and to grow.

We pray for great flourishing and an abundant kindness as students, teachers, staff and administrators walk through school doors each day. 




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