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Road Trip to Acadia: Part Three

After taking a bit of a recovery day on our first full day in Acadia, we were ready to get out and explore on Day Two.  We had a fishing/sightseeing tour scheduled for 1:00, so we decided to drive up to Cadillac Mountain in the morning just to take in the views.


The day was beautiful, if a little on the warm side, and the views amazing. The nice thing about Cadillac is that it is bald rock, so you can see for miles. And because you are on an island with such distinctive features, it’s very easy to get your bearings. Bar Harbor, Otter Cove, Somes Sound, Bar Island, the Cranberry Isles…it all looks just like it does on the map.  Emma and Jack immediately left us, and Justin and Will and I ambled along without them.


There is a little gift shop with bathrooms and a water fountain tucked neatly away by the parking lot. We looked around and then decided to go ahead and make lunches in the parking lot so that we could make our way down to Bar Harbor with time to spare for the boat excursion.

We got down to the boat launch about 30 minutes ahead of departure which was nice.


We boarded the Islander, which had fishing rods lashed all around the perimeter of the boat.


The kids were excited in their hearts; they just didn’t show it.


Will especially.  Super excited.


It was such a nice day; here’s Bar Harbor from the water. We had just been looking down at it from Cadillac Mountain!


Another view of Bar Harbor. We also saw some lovely homes perched right above the cliffs on our way out to the fishing grounds. Since this was more of a sightseeing tour with a little fishing thrown in, we were not expecting to pull in any monster trophy fish. With three teenagers in tow, however, it’s nice to have an activity included instead of just looking around at water, shore, and the occasional seal for a few hours.

We got to the fishing grounds and they told us to drop a line. Each line had three hooks attached, so there was an opportunity to catch multiple little fish each time. You could not cast, which felt weird. You just released the line and it plunked into the water, hit bottom, and then you reeled it in just a few inches above the bottom and moved your rod up and down, hoping to attract some fishie’s  attention. Jack got a strike almost immediately.


It was a little cod! We had to throw him back in; cod’s apparently overfished so you couldn’t keep any cod. They said we could keep anything else we caught as long as it was a decent size.


A close up of Jack’s cod. He has a little whisker and was a lovely reddish color. We said goodbye and back he went.


Will with his fish. I think this is a pollock. We all caught a fish or two; Jack caught the most.


Emma caught a tiny crab. A fog descended after we had been fishing for a bit, so we couldn’t see the shore too well.


There is a picturesque lighthouse…way out in the distance.


I was glad to see some harbor seals. They could not care less that we were there.


Just chilling on the rocks.


The boys at work.


Emma spent a lot of time getting her hooks snagged on the rocky bottom. She got to be besties with the crew, who were very helpful.


On the way back, the fog was really pretty as it rolled over the islands.


One of my favorite pictures from this day. I’m a sucker for a channel marker/buoy in the foreground of a water picture.

I caught a mackerel, but it wriggled free before I could get it in a bucket. Oh well, I don’t think we could have all shared him for supper anyway.

Since we came back fishless, we decided to make this our lobster-eating night. We headed over to Thurston’s Lobster Pound on the other side of the island. Thurston’s is right on the water overlooking Bass Harbor and is a great casual place to eat. Right up our alley.


Thurston’s is on the left here. It’s a picturesque little spot, and even though the line was tremendous, we didn’t mind the wait. Plus we had to decide what to order. Since none of the kids had ever had lobster and I have a seafood allergy, we decided to let them split a lobster and order some other, more familiar food to play it safe.

While we waited, Emma and I took pictures of lobster trap buoys.





So pretty. I want one (or twenty) of my own!

Back inside Thurston’s, the lobsters were in big containers right at the counter where you ordered. lobster thurstons

You pick your lobster size and they steam him right on the spot!

I don’t have a picture of the meal, but the kids liked the lobster and ate it right up. I think next time they would get their own.

We drove back in the dark and got to our campsite still at a decent hour. It was a really nice day.




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