Learning to Blog

Day 3: Big Day

Continuing Ed

Today I watched more WPBeginner videos; watching these is beginning to feel like attending a class where I already know about 80% of the content, but that’s ok; I like to cover all my bases, and I am picking up tidbits I didn’t know.

I also went to Pinterest and searched “Blogging for Beginners” and filtered that with the WordPress option and read several of those links.  I came across one article that talked about importing an existing Blogger.com blog into her new self-hosted WordPress site.  That grabbed my attention because I had a Blogger blog that I abandoned about three years ago, but some of the content I felt was worthwhile and would love to bring it in to my current blog.  I was afraid that it would be really difficult, but it was surprisingly easy!

Importing a Blogger/Blogspot Account

Here’s what I did:

In the backend/dashboard area, I went to Plugins in the left column and chose “Add New”.

From there, I searched “Blogger Import” and came up with several viable options.  I chose one that was compatible with my version of WordPress (it will tell you in the bottom of each little plugin box if it is compatible).  I also looked for one that had a lot of downloads and good reviews.  I chose to go with “Blogger Import Extended“.

Once installed, the Blogger Import Extended plugin walked me through the activation process.  The only step that gave me pause was when it said “tell blogger to let wordpress access your account”.  I thought that mean I had to go change some setting in my blogger account, so I opened that up and poked around but didn’t find anything.  Then I googled that phrase and learned that I should just click the button on the WordPress plugin activation screen that said “Authorize”.  I did, and then the rest of it was very simple and straightforward.

It makes me very happy to have all of my blogging history in one consolidated place.  Right now I am going through each of the old posts and adding categories and tags to make them a little more accessible.

I also added an Instragram feed widget and a Follow Us widget.  Both were very easy to install, and I like having the added connectivity.

What about you? Have you made the jump from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress? What was your experience like?



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