Today’s Progress

Well, today I didn’t get much done in my goal-setting venture.  BUT I got one wall of our boys’ room painted.  Two walls down, two to go.  Why am I painting one wall at a time, you ask?  Well, I have two walls that are painted solid blue and two walls that will be painted with stripes. I am going for orange and blue – Auburn colors, since I am an Auburn University grad, and our kids are big fans – but if I hate the way it looks, I will repaint it white and the same blue that is the color of the other walls.  Sound confusing?  Pictures would be a huge help, but I’d have to upload them, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Here’s a pic that is similar to what I’m thinking, just mentally swap out the orange for the white. (http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/sophisticated-pairs-of-twin-be-149146?image_id=2643337) Oh dang, this is a slide show. It’s the 5th picture with the navy/white horizontal stripes.

The hubs is a little skeptical, but he almost always thinks I’m crazy when I pick paint colors, so I take it in stride.  Sometimes he’s right, sometimes I am.

Regarding my uploading distaste, I am one of six people in America who does not own a smart phone, so I still have to plug my dinosaur camera in and wait for it to wheeze and groan into life.  Like uploading is so painful for it.  I will save the pics for the big reveal, when ALL of the walls are painted and the room looks fabulous.  Hopefully that will be before the boys are off to college.

I worked some more on my Cozi calendar.  I hope it works for our family, because it is taking a long time to do this chore chart thing-ama-bobby.

The kids are on Spring Break, so I haven’t cracked the official Cozi whip on them yet.  We are doing a little staycation, since the middle child got sick and we opted to not visit the grandparents in Alabama.  I also got to pay a bunch of taxes and found out that I owed our family bank account about $150 more than I had accounted for, so that was fun.

As you can tell, I also need to get organized in my financial accounting.  I have a small business: an Etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/shop/OldTrace?ref=si_shop), and it is hard to make it profitable if you are as scattered as I am, even if people like your stuff.

See, I make cute stuff like this.
See, I make cute stuff like this.

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