Goal Setting

I am giving myself one House Hunters International episode to write a blog post.  I need to get some stuff down on cyber paper as a way of holding myself accountable.

I turned 40 three months ago, and I am having a tiny mid-life crisis.  Not so much wanting to run away from it all (though those days do come), and not really “Is this all there is?”  because my life is full, almost too full of busyness.  And that is more of the problem…I am 40 and I have so much left to do and to read and to learn.  And I’m 40!  Probably most of my life is over.  That is hard to wrap one’s head around.

So it is time for some goal-setting, some carpe diem, some swimming upstream.  I don’t want to continue to live life reacting to problems, always a day late and a dollar short.  And I have a propensity for wasting time that could be called a life skill, if I could parlay it into something that will pay the bills.

I know a lot of people write blogs about themselves, about trying to better themselves, and it often doesn’t make very interesting reading.  But I’ll be honest here, write now I am using this simply as a journal, an easily searched accountability diary.  Maybe it will become more interesting, I can’t guarantee it.

Currently,  I have a few goals that are vague, but are good starting points for refining and spinning off short-term targets to shoot for.

I want to lose about 47 pounds.

I want to stop treating Diet Coke like it’s my drug of choice while I still have some enamel left on my teeth.

I want to spend time in meditation and prayer, memorizing Scripture.

I want to reach out to other people, and spend intentional time with my family.

I want to create daily schedules (cleaning, meal-planning, chores charts for the kiddos) that work well for our family and insure that our house is clean, warm, and welcoming.

I want to carve out time to work on my long-term home-improvement projects – painting rooms, upholstering furniture, sewing pillows, among other things.

Oh yeah, and I want to write -consistently- a blog.

Well, House Hunters International is almost over and I just remembered that I was supposed to tell someone I can’t be somewhere tomorrow, so more fleshing out of goal setting and how to reach said goals maybe next evening.


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