Family, Kids

Fall Days

Emma loves to take pictures, so she took the camera out back one fall day and captured some great images.
 Here you see our backyard from the perspective of a beetle.



 Will practices kicking the football.


Action shots! Jack takes a plunge off the retaining wall.


 Here’s Will!


 In the last picture, Will was pretty obvious. This time you have to hunt for him.


 Jack has his own fun in the leaf pile.
For Jack’s birthday party, I made cupcakes. I thought it would be easier than a big cake, but I still managed to make it pretty labor-intensive.  However, they turned out pretty cute and Jack loved them.
OK, I found a recipe on Pinterest for koolaid-flavored popcorn.  It looked so fun! But it tasted exactly like Cap’n Crunch, which is not bad, but it took a long time to make and left a huge mess to clean up in the kitchen. Can’t say I would recommend Kool-Aid popcorn. Next time I’ll just set out a bowlful of dry cereal and save my energy for better uses.
 The highlight of Jack’s birthday party was the touch football game. Justin quarterbacked both sides.  Here he is calling a play in the huddle.
 OK, does everybody know the play?  Here we go!


 Jack catches it in the corner of the endzone.
Congratulations follow from Adam, his teammate. What a great birthday party!

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