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Don't ruin my joy

Lately I’ve been very sensitive when it comes to my TV shows. I love reality TV. My favorites are:




I cry at least every other episode when watching The Biggest Loser. I want them to believe in themselves! And then I want to tell them that even being at your goal weight does not solve all of life’s problems. But they’ll figure it out eventually.

Anyway, I was watching The Biggest Loser (or maybe it was American Idol; as much as I love them, these reality shows all run together for me.  All of them generally have the same theme:  I was wallowing in mundane life, I got picked for this show, now suddenly my life has meaning and purpose.) last night when my husband came in to be with us. I say “us” because the kids were all in there with me. I could watch an infomercial on documentaries about the prehistoric era and they would all plop down and watch with me. They’re just so happy to have the TV on. Sometimes I wonder if we’re too strict about limiting TV time and then I watch their little eyes glaze over whenever it’s turned on and notice how they can’t complete sentences or follow basic instructions because they are so fixated on the screen in front of them…and then I decide we’re o.k. on that one.

So the husband sits down, even though he does not love what we’re watching. And I get anxious because he often makes fun of my shows. And then he of course says something trifling, but obnoxious…the exact words escape me now; I turn to him and tell him (in all seriousness) that he is robbing me of my joy in my TV show. I tell him it’s no fun to watch with him criticizing.

And now I don’t remember his response to my protestations; all I remember is that later on in the show, one of the contestants starts getting whiny and Will starts mimicking her voice. And I say, “Well, she is being a whiner, isn’t she?”.  Justin immediately responds with, “Why are you criticizing her? You are robbing me of my joy in watching this show!  I am trying to enjoy this show!”

I had to laugh, because it was kind of silly.  You know you’ve crossed some kind of line into ludicrousness when you’re getting offended on behalf of your favorite TV shows.


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