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It's hard to be Christian right before Bible Study

1:15 p.m. today…eat lunch…think about looking over Bible Study notes but opt instead to watch an episode of “Dear Genevieve” that I DVR’d.  Fabulous kitchen makeover.  But now it’s 1:40, and I still have so much to do!

Time elapses…2:15…time to get kids – three different alarms go off (one in the bathroom) to remind me.  I am terrified of forgetting to get the kids.  Probably because my parents made it a habit to “forget me” when they went places.  One time my mom forgot to pick me up from soccer practice when I was in elementary school and the coach took me home with him and his whole family ate supper while I watched.  I’m not making this up.  Thus my current phobia.

Bring kids home…try to settle in with the book, but there are things to be signed, daily events to be discussed.  Hard to focus.

4:30  Realized I’ve been looking at the wrong chapter.  Panic begins to set in.

5:00 What’s for supper?  I try to escape reality by calling my sister and asking her when she’s going to have her baby (due date was three days ago).  Then I call my friend to ask her a question and we end up chatting until yikes!  It’s 5:23 and I have to pick Emma up from play practice at 5:30.  Abrupt end to conversation.

5:45 Back home.  People will be at the house in an hour and fifteen minutes.  I begin to bark orders about cleaning up and yank frozen french fries, last night’s roast beef, potatoes and broccoli out of the fridge.

6:12 Will asks, “Are you going to take Jack to practice?”  Jack’s basketball practice starts at 6:15.  Yelling for Jack commences.

6:17 Justin takes Jack.  I bake french fries.  Try to finish printing the outline for tonight’s study.  Do some dishes.

6:30 Justin is back.  Justin, Will and Emma eat supper while I walk around the house, yelling orders to Emma about the state of her bedroom.  Justin gets up from the table and says, “This is what you look like” and starts marching back and forth in front of the door to the dining room.  Every time he passes the opening, he says, “Clean up!  Clean up downstairs!  Stop talking to each other!  Listen to me!”  I would like to be mad at him, but he’s right and it’s funny, so we all just laugh.  I go back to the dishes.

6:40 Realize the upstairs bathroom is nasty.  Cross my fingers that no one uses it.

6:45 Coffee on, lights on, fire going…what am I forgetting? Oh, I pray.

7:00 Bible Study begins.


2 thoughts on “It's hard to be Christian right before Bible Study”

  1. You're hillarious!!! Sounds just like me, along with my kids asking why I talk nicer to other people than them. YIKES – not good.

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