Another Saturday Night

For all of you praying for me to not come apart at the seams Saturday night, I would like to say Thank You!  Our Fall Party was a great success.  I couldn’t tell you how many people were here, but the house was full and there were plenty of kids on the bouncy.  The band was a lot of fun!  I was not sure whether booking a band was a great idea, but they ended up being a huge hit.  Something about having to yell a conversation over the noise of guitars and a drum set creates a special bond between former strangers.   I also had forgotten how much fun it is to dance to a band!  I am not sure if it is appropriate for pastor’s wives to dance to bands, but I can only hope that it is.  I find it ironic that talking to people scares me to death, but I cannot restrain myself from jumping around like a crazy woman when I hear a Michael Jackson cover, regardless of who might be watching.  Go figure.

What was especially gratifying to me personally was how many of our neighbors came.  Four or five families show up out of the many we invited, and several called to give their regrets.  One of our church plant families commented that they were inspired to try to organize a block party with their neighbors after the party Saturday night.  That was encouraging. Talking to your neighbors isn’t so scary after all.

After the party was over, I felt like I had just passed a final exam and was about to embark on summer break.  Justin and I were talking as we were cleaning up, and I was saying how great the party had been and he was saying how great our house is for entertaining and then he said, “You know, we should do this again at Christmas.”


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