Hmmm…a tell-all blog entry about a desperate housewife’s obsession?  This should be good and juicy, right?  Well it is…here goes…my obsession is lip balm.  There!  It’s finally out in the open, and I feel so much freer for having told you all.  Yes, I love lip balm.  I stash it in secret spots where ever I go.  Right now I have some beside my bed, in the dash of the minivan, in the bathroom, in my purse, in the kitchen and on the porch.  Just kidding about on the porch, that would just be weird.  Who needs lip balm on the porch?  Well, maybe if it was cold and windy outside, I could see leaving some on the porch just in case.  I’ll leave some there tomorrow.

I hate, hate for my lips to be chapped.  They are often chapped because I am a compulsive lip-chewer.  There…another dark secret come to light.  Quite the confessional today, eh?  I also tend to rub my face and twist my hair into a bun when I am stressed.  But I don’t bite my nails.  Only weirdos do that.

I also obsess about cardigan sweaters.  I am wearing one right now.  I wore one particular sweater so often that my friend Stephanie named it Greenie and asked about it when I didn’t have it on.  Where’s Greenie?  Why aren’t you wearing it?  Did you have a fight?  Cardigans are like Snuggies as far as I’m concerned, only a bit more fashion-forward.  Especially the really long ones that look like knitted trench coats.  I used to have one like that, but it had permanent bumps at the hips that made me look like I was carrying a coat hanger in my jeans.  I’m not looking to draw more attention to my hip region.  Anyway, you can wear cardigans year round.  They make cute little short-sleeved ones for the summer.  I have one in green which has a hole in the collar but of course I still wear it because I just pretend like it’s not there.  In my world, that cardigan is still perfect.


3 thoughts on “Obsession”

  1. please tell me that the one with the hole is not greenie! that one should be in the trash after all of the spit-up that it collected! this post made me smile 🙂

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