The Way We Spend our Days

I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed by my post yesterday when I read it today.  But I’m a big believer in transparency, so I’m not deleting it.  My feelings, though maybe steered by PMS and the beginnings of a cold, were nonetheless real, and I’m probably not the only woman who has ever felt this way.  BUT I will also note that a post like that is a wake up call that I am spending too much time thinking about my shortcomings and not enough time with my Father God who meets me in my weakness.

When you feel down on yourself, look up!  Remember that fear and anxiety are problems that God can solve.  Even disorganization and unrealistic time-maps are no match for him.


2 thoughts on “The Way We Spend our Days”

  1. susan so glad you are leaving it up b/c it was an encouragement to me! i am sitting in my pjs at 10:39 am in front of my computer while my 2 year old circles me with his trains. we are supposed to be leaving for a trip in an hour and a half & i have not even put in my contacts! the feeling of "what have i done all morning?" is a constant. 🙂

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