Down with Quinoa

Yes, that’s right, I said quinoa.  It’s pronounced keen-wah, and it is the most protein-ific of all the whole grains you could possibly eat.  How do I know that?  Because it says so on the box, right under the words “If you really cared about your children, you would feed this to them every night!”  OK It doesn’t really say that, but you know they are thinking it.

My blog info says that I have guilt about feeding my kids Reese Puffs for breakfast.  Reese Puffs, for those of you who don’t know, is a breakfast cereal that ranks 7th in the top 10 worst cereal to give your kids for breakfast.  Tenth in the list is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, another Kendrick Family favorite.  At least we don’t eat #1, the dreaded Cocoa Puffs.  Still, I try to combat the effects of all that sugar with some quinoa at supper.  And spinach.  Ummm…I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

No one on this continent even knew what quinoa was 30 years ago, except for the descendants of the ancient Inca indians in South America.  Now they are trying to force their quinoa agenda on their northern brethren.  What’s next, temple-building?  Maybe they are just sick of eating it, and they know we feel guilty about all of our high-fructose corn syrup issues, so they figured they could pass it off on us.  Either way, be on your guard.  Do your patriotic duty and eat more refined carbs.  Or you may find yourself chanting to the sun and trying to hide all of your gold from the conquistadors.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


1 thought on “Down with Quinoa”

  1. Susan! I thought of you today when I heard a Trader Joe's radio commercial expressing the joy that will enter your life if you give quinoa a chance. You're so ahead of the times! -carrie

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