Saturday before people come over

We are having our church plant Bible Study at our house tomorrow.  It stresses me out.  The basement is in chaos and that is where we are going to have the Bible study.  So why did I spend my time hanging pictures and cleaning up the kitchen?  We will never know.  At one point, I thought, I should prioritize.  #1 Basement #2 Basement Bathroom, etc.  Instead I just kept doing the dishes.  They won’t go away just because the basement needs to be cleaned up, right?

Then after I finally decided to go downstairs, I realized I had never assembled my IKEA console table to go behind the sofa.  It is critical because it hides the sofa back which is quite faded (too bad they didn’t make a table to go IN FRONT of the sofa, too) and hopefully it will keep small children from trying to jump over the back of the sofa to sit in it.  Or maybe it will just add an extra bit of challenge to a young jumper, like a hurdle in a track event.  One never knows.

IKEA is quite brilliant in their wordless directions on how to assemble a table, but I still managed to mess it up.  Not once, not twice, but thrice I un-assembled and re-assembled that table.  I was almost in tears because the idea was to throw the thing together and begin cleaning!  Instead it became a huge time suck, and I succumbed to the stress and became quite snappy with the husband.  He snapped back, and then after a bit, came and helped me.  He was there for unassembly #3, I believe.  At any rate, as mad as I was at him, I still really needed his help, so I grumbled a thank you and tried not to think angry hateful thoughts directed toward my family for swimming while I was wrestling this beast, my church for coming over tomorrow and thus prompting the stress, and the good folks at IKEA for building a table so cute and cheap that I just had to buy it.  None of the attitude problem, of course, was my fault.  One of my spiritual gifts is blame-shifting.

Well, the table is together but everything else has to wait because it was time to fix supper. So while the chicken pot pie is baking and the rice is … swelling? absorbing?  I don’t know what it does.  Anyway, I am here to tell you that it is ok if the basement doesn’t get clean.  It’s ok, though it hurts my pride.  Which probably needed some hurting.


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