It's been two months

Yes, it has been two months since I last wrote anything.  And I really thought I would blog through the entire move. I wish I had!  The computer was down for a couple of weeks, but that was it.  I could have.  I should feel guilty.  I DO feel guilty!  There…everything is back to normal.

Well, folks, the kids have been in school for seven days now.  We’ve been in our house for three weeks; it will be four on Saturday.  We’ve spent more time than we could ever have anticipated trying to figure out how to get the pool water clear.  I feel like we’ve adopted a fourth child – a very large, wet, blue child with a propensity for algae.  But that’s ok because I will unabashedly say that our new home is awesome.  I love it!  And I am so thankful for it.  In fact, I think it is one of the greatest inanimate objects I have ever been blessed to own.  That and my minivan, which now sounds like a ghost is riding on top of it every time you get above 45 mph.  Don’t ask why.   Justin has looked at the top of the van, and I have watched him looking at the top of the van, and the problem didn’t show itself, so we just enjoy the wind whistling through the roof racks.

Boudreaux the dog seems ok with the new house.  She injured her tail because she wags it so hard against the bricks that it bleeds and now we have to keep her away from guests because she will bleed on their pants.  There are little blood spots on the kitchen cabinets and the door frames which I keep cleaning off.  We would like to just cut her tail off but that seems harsh to do to an adult dog.  It’s probably inhumane, I don’t know. Plus we’d have to pay for it, which we can ill afford to do right now.  Justin suggested putting some sort of bandage on her tail, but you know she would just chew it right off and then I’d be cleaning bloody bandages off the floor while I was scrubbing the kitchen cabinets. 

I told myself I wouldn’t write until I had pictures of the house, but I decided writing is better than nothing.  Instead of a picture of the house I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures of my nephew eating his first birthday cupcake.  See you later!


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