Fifteen years ago today…

I said, “I do” to my sweet hubbie!  When I met him in college, I thought he was goofy and not cool enough for a hot mama like myself (I am laughing at myself right now for ever thinking that someone was not “cool enough” for me, but I have to tell the truth).

The first time I ever saw him, I was handing him a check for players’ tickets to the Auburn – Georgia game at Georgia.  As I was writing his name on my check – and this again is the truth – I thought, “That’s a nice name.  Justin Kendrick.”  It seemed balanced, pleasant to the ear.  Little did I know…

My sister and I rode in the trunk (I guess all of the seats were taken.  Or maybe he was really particular about who rode inside his car.) of his Grand Am up to … oh I can’t remember now, but it was the Panhellenic HQ where the powers that be would announce important things. Cater Hall, maybe? Justin and his roommate Ed ended up chauffeuring various Chi Omegas around because we never wanted to give up our parking spots close to the dorm.  That particular night the announcement was the finalists for Top 20 Miss Auburn.  I was probably the only finalist riding in the open trunk of some random boy’s car while he listened to Snoop Dogg’s classic rendition of Gin & Juice (“With my mind on my money and my money on my mind…everybody sing it now!).  I remember we had to hold the trunk top up or it would come crashing down on our heads every time he hit a bump.

Justin and Ed would come over to the dorm and play Nertz, an interactive speed solitaire where everyone has their own deck of cards and chaos reigned.  He farted one time and it stunk up the room so bad we went down to the lobby and played there.  That’s probably when I fell in love with him.

To be fair, he has told me in later years that the first time we kissed, my breath smelled so bad he had to keep himself from gagging.  Well, he didn’t say that part about gagging, but he did say it was pretty horrible.  I do have horrible breath.  That’s why I chew so much gum.  Maybe I should start brushing my teeth.

He was friends with Sam before he was friends with me, and Sam said they would run together at night at the track and he would ask about me.  Her roommate had a huge crush on him and she would come too and practice tumbling passes while they ran (she was trying out for cheerleading).  In fact, she was one of two good friends who had crushes on him.  There was some tension in the dorm, girls!  He only had eyes for me, though.  Of course, I didn’t know that then.

Our first date we went to see Schindler’s List.  Maybe that’s why, fifteen years later, I only want to watch rom-coms now (romantic comedies…rom-coms…isn’t that a word?).

He cooked me catfish almondine with green beans on one of our dates.  I should remind him that he can cook!  He said later that he was on the phone with his mom walking him through it the whole time (the dinner prep, not the date).

I think he fell in love with me when he saw my bookshelf (literally, my bookshelf.  That’s not a euphemism.  Get your mind out of the gutter).  Weighty theological tomes…this girl must be a keeper!

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Sweetie!

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