How to Know When to Put Away the Laundry

As an older, wiser Titus 2-type gal, I decided to impart some important counsel on when to put away the laundry.  Some folks say to put it away after every load, but that does not seem very efficient to me.  Some days that would mean a trip to everybody’s drawers and the linen closet 5 or 6 times!  Some folks say to put it away by the end of the day.  That makes more sense, now doesn’t it? But we all know that sometimes the end of the day creeps up on you and putting away laundry seems like trying to build the Taj Mahal, especially if it’s 10:00 p.m. and your children are all in bed.  So one day I stumbled upon a good rule of thumb for when to put away the laundry, which I will share with you now:

When your youngest child asks for his favorite pair of shorts, and you ask if he looked for them where they were supposed to be, and he replied that yes, he had already checked the guest room bed…that’s when you know it’s time to put the laundry away.

Happy weekend everybody!


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