I never thought Monday would be my regrouping day

I hated to drop the kids off at school today.  Booo, school!  Spring Break should be much longer.  I am about to go all Charlotte Mason and bring the kids home to spend hours outside studying local fauna and sketching in our nature journals.  Hooray for warm sunny days!

Surely you are anxious to know what books I ended up reading during Spring Break.  I am surprised my inbox wasn’t filled with frantic queries.  Well, I will end the suspense – I skimmed the book about frenzied families – it felt too much like extra guilt to read it.  The Beekeeper’s Apprentice was just up my alley; thank you, Cathy Keller!  And Justin read the Life of Pi but didn’t like it; too weird.  He just started the Charles Martin book and seems to like it better already.

Thursday we came home and Justin’s Mom and Dad were sitting in the driveway.  Yippee! We tried to make it to the Maundy Thursday service at church but couldn’t get supper done in time.  I had decided on the way home to grill hamburgers b/c it seemed quick and easy.  We stopped at an exit about an hour from Spartanburg to buy the meat, buns, and other stuff, and when we got to the house I immediately started fixing.  We didn’t have enough lighter fluid, however, so the charcoal took a while to get hot enough to cook on.  So while everyone is pulling into the church parking lot next to our house to go to the service, it looks like we are skipping church and flaunting it by having a cook out!  There are times when I would like to live somewhere other than the manse.

Anyway, Friday we spent at Walmart with every other ham-buying person in west Spartanburg, Friday afternoon I don’t remember what we did…funny how quickly I forget, oh wait, we went to the feed and seed b/c Justin decided to plant a garden after all.  One of the kids said, “Why are we all going to the garden store?”  And I said, “You are a Kendrick.  It’s what we do.”  If they had been with the Bryants, we would have watched NASCAR, played golf, or visited a War between the States battlefield.  That’s what we do.

Saturday the church had Easter-related activies for the kids.  I’m assuming bowling is Easter-related.  Justin’s mom and I went to Sam’s Club because there was a tiny spot in the refrigerator that did not have any food in it, and that would never do.  Just kidding, I had to get some medicine. And chips.  And blueberries.  You know how it is with that place.

Saturday afternoon the garden was planted, I was stressed and overwhelmed with all of the stuff I had to do (see my post from that day), and then we went to play putt-putt and eat at The Flounder.  Big day!  We came home, I made a congealed salad and decided to abandon everything else and went to bed after stuffing the Easter baskets with goodies.

Sunday morning I went to the Sunrise service conveniently located in our backyard with wet hair and no makeup.  Came back in, ate breakfast that I had started cooking and Justin’s mom finished for me (sweet lady!), put on appropriate clothing and went to the 8:30 service.  Came back, asked Justin’s mom to start the mac and cheese and corn pudding for me (sweet lady!), and went back to Sunday school.  Came back, finished the rest of Easter lunch prep, ate Easter lunch, had Easter egg hunt (you can each find 47 eggs, kids!), had a restful 90 minutes of reading, came back in and fixed refreshments for church plant Bible Study, went to church plant Bible Study, came back, got out leftovers for supper, fixed plates, ate, put up supper, played wiffleball with the family, got kids started on showers, watched amazing race (yea for the cowboys!), and went to bed.

So you can see how Monday is now so restful.


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