Easter – Not What It's Supposed to Be

So…what steps can I make to find a little more time for Jesus during Easter weekend?  I spent Maunday Thursday in the interstate coming back from Georgetown, Good Friday in Walmart and the feed and seed store, this Saturday has been taken up with the Church Easter Egg Hunt, running to Sam’s Club for stuff I didn’t pick up at Walmart, and now I have slunk off for a quick blog when I should be hard boiling eggs and making a congealed salad for tomorrow.  Emma is mad because she didn’t get to go see How to Train a Dragon with her friend Sam and Jack wants to go putt-putting.  Where is the death and resurrection of my Lord and Savior in all this?  Hiding in between the jelly beans and peanut butter eggs, I guess.

I could get up early…the 5 am time of Bible Study I was enjoying a little while ago has been replaced by rolling out of bed because the kids are too loud in the living room around 7:30.  It’s hard for me to be disciplined when we don’t have school.  Well, it’s hard for me to be disciplined when we have school, so this is even worse.  I am feeling depleted.   Help!


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