It is 6:57 p.m. and any self-respecting mother would be sitting down with her family to supper right now, but I boast only in Christ, so I am sitting at the computer instead.  Jack is playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii (the soundtrack of the Kendrick household was made by Nintendo), Justin is at the Y for his long run of the week – Bridge Run next Saturday!, and I just ate lunch and pitched some wiffleball to Jack. 

We had a surprise birthday party for Justin at the house today!  He was completely surprised!  That was the best part.  The worst part was trying to figure out how to keep him out of the house long enough to guests in and set up for the party.  I ended up weaving a web of lies that involved our dear friends having some marital difficulties and needing my help to pick up the pieces (completely not true) and Steve, my partner in crime, had Justin over with the kids for a 20 minute hot dog lunch that ended up taking an hour and a half while Justin thought he had lost his mind.  Steve also ferried Emma and Will back and forth to baseball and softball games for us during the surprise party.  What a trooper!

I have absolutely no pictures, which never, ever happens to me.  I even charged my camera battery last night, but there was so much going on, it never made its way out of the house.  This is a shame!  It was a fun afternoon with dear friends and the weather was so nice!  I am thankful.


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