Tuesday already?

I have a good reason for not being able to post for a week…really, I do.  On Thursday of last week, I left for a girls’ weekend with three of my sweetest sisters in Christ.  When I left, the chicken pot pie was in the oven and I had just handed Justin his cheat sheet for the next three days.  Included entries were: 

1.  Give Jack stomach meds every morning.

2.  Here’s the recipe for waffles for breakfast Saturday.

3.  Don’t forget about the birthday party Saturday afternoon.

4.  Be sure and feed the dog.

He survived and when I got home Sunday, the dog was still alive and all of the children were clothed and fed.  Success! 

On the church plant front, we finally got the cards done to our liking and I placed the order today.  (Insert sigh of relief here!)  Justin spends his days meeting with every community or non-profit organization in downtown Spartanburg.  He said you can tell that most of the people he meets are glad to have someone interested in what they do, and they are passionate about their causes.  He also got to talk with the guy who’s going to start RUF at Wofford College next Fall, and he and his wife are coming from St. Louis sometime this month to house hunt.  We are looking forward to meeting them and hope this is the beginning of a great friendship. 


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