Wofford: We are now rooting for you

As I said yesterday morning, Thursday was a busy day.  I got to answer phones at the pregnancy center.  I am glad they don’t throw you into the counseling room first thing, but let you ease your way into the water, so to speak. 

Then I went to the Y to run and ran into (not literally) my husband there (shocker!).  He says he loiters in the halls and accosts innocent exercisers with an overload of information about our church plant.  I said I’m surprised we haven’t had more joggers and weight-lifters show up at the Bible study as a result of his scheme.

As I was happily jogging away on the treadmill, my hand accidentally hit the emergency stop release-thingy and the belt came to a very abrupt stop causing me to make a squeaky gaspy noise and then look around to see if anyone had noticed.  It would have been hard to miss, but I hoped everyone had left for lunch.  The few people in there averted their eyes, so I returned my focus to the treadmill.  It took me a minute to realize what had happened, and my first reaction was that the treadmill was kicking me off, like a contestant on American Idol.  Too much plod in my stride?  Posture not perky enough?  Then I saw the release magnet dangling from its string and used my incredibly keen sense of deduction to figure out that I actually caused the problem, not the treadmill.  Embarrassed and deflated, I returned to jogging, but lowered my speed.  I have pulled my earbuds right out of my ears with the same type maneuver before, but the effect is not quite as startling.  Eventually I got sucked back in to “Wife Swap” on the Lifetime Channel and returned to normal, but I was definitely shaken by the incident. 

I digress.  The Wofford game was so fun.  It was sold out, and even though Wofford has a pretty small arena (think large high-school gym attached to a student center), the vibe was one of complete excitement.  If we beat College of Charleston, we wrapped up the SoCon North (South? East? West?  I don’t know, but it was still very exciting).  We didn’t get to sit with our Upward buddies because we were doing good to find room for the 5 of us to sit together, but we managed to see almost all of them at some point during the game. 

Pics follow.  Have a good weekend!


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