Blogging climbs to the back of the bus

I am here!  I am just not firing on all cylinders right now.  A man from our church was killed in a car wreck Thursday night, and much of Friday was spent answering the phone and praying for his family.

Mom and Dad came to watch the kids play basketball Saturday morning, then they went back home.

Monday I spent the morning in training at the Pregnancy Center and the afternoon at WalMart, buying the wrong type of seed for my children’s school’s garden.

Tuesday was 1) our day to visit Pine St. School where our kids would be if we move this summer and 2) grocery and drug store and menu-planning day.  I keep trying to make menu-planning day a different day than grocery store day, but somehow it has not happened. 

Now it’s Wednesday and I have to take Will to the eye doctor to get glasses that he does not want and then come home and try to knock out an info card for the church plant so we have some piece of paper to put in people’s hands with our meeting info and website address.  It looks amateurish (because I’m an amateur), but right now it’s only important that we have something.  

No time to muse and edit blogs.  no time, no time, no time. 

However, you will be happy to know that while I don’t get up at exactly 5 am every morning for Bible and prayer time, I have been getting up sometime during the 5 o’clock hour.   I realized that I naturally wake up before my 6 am alarm goes up every day anyway, but I just normally roll over and go back to sleep.  Now I get up instead, and I don’t have to worry about the dreaded alarm going off and waking Sleeping Beauty next to me.  Another good idea I read about if you are worried about waking someone else with your alarm is to set your cell phone alarm to vibrate and stick it under your pillow.  I wonder if it would really wake me up, but I might try that if I start sleeping through the 5 o’clock prayer time.


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