Lattimore Scoop

In the Kendrick household, we take sports very seriously.  We like to particularize our passion according to the season (currently we love the Boston Celtics and are rooting for the Minnesota Vikings to go…all…the…way!).  But regardless of the time of year, we always hold dear to our hearts one institution:  the Auburn University football team.  Just last night, Justin (the husband) and Will (the 8-year-old son) were throwing the football in the kitchen (a practice I do not condone, but I did not want to pick a fight with my husband since I thrashed him in our 1st annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Kendrick Family Bowling Tournament at Paradise Lanes earlier this day and he was still a little sensitive) and mulling over the new recruits of various SEC teams.  Apparently Georgia will be better next season, but we (Auburn) are going to kick their little bulldog fannies – that seemed to be the jist of the conversational snippet I overheard.

 The impetus behind the recruit conversation was a little tidbit of news that Emma (our 10-year-old who has absolutely no use for sports unless she is playing) saw on the GoUpstate website:  Marcus Lattimore is favoring Auburn over South Carolina but has not committed to either school.  Who, you may ask, is Marcus Lattimore?  Well, if you asked, you do not live in Spartanburg County or you live here but never read the Sports page (horrors!).  Lattimore is one of the top recruits coming out of the storied Byrnes High School football program and he likes Auburn but (reading between the lines) it looks like his mama likes South Carolina.  We will find out in the coming weeks how much of a mama’s boy Marcus really is.  Anyway, the fact that Emma scooped Will on this athletic revelation was awesome, because Will is known to be the walking sports encyclopedia.  I don’t think he believed her at first.


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