real estate

We drove around with a realtor in downtown/east Spartanburg this morning.  Exciting!  I love to house hunt.  I think.  Or do I?  We looked at Hampton Heights, Converse Heights, Fernwood and Hillbrook.  Where to land?  I don’t know if we found our perfect place today, but I loved walking around in houses and envisioning us living our lives there, having friends over, where would overnight guests sleep.  What I never thought would become a major factor is THE YARD.  Our boys spend so much time outside playing that a small lot is not an option.  Well, I hate to say that…let’s just say, not a desirable option.

We’re in kind of a weird place because we’d like to see if the downtown church is really a go before we actually buy a house, but we can’t wait until April and suddenly say, ok, this little plant’s going to make it, time to start looking!  So right now we are in an information gathering phase of the housing process.   Look, a pool!  How much fun would it be to own a house with a pool!  This same house had a bar in the downstairs living area.  No disco ball, though.  Bummer!  I wonder how much it would cost to install one of those?  The big yellow one at the top…so beautiful.  But the yard…we’d have to tear up rose bushes and level the boxwoods to install the astroturf.  What would the neighbors think?  I hear stadium lights can be pricey, but thankfully we already have our own goalposts.


2 thoughts on “real estate”

  1. I vote for a pool, that way we could all crash and pretend we're at good old RUF Summer Conference. And, I'm sure you'd have better food…happy hunting, oh, and can you guys please go on House Hunters? I think it could be fun!

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