Well, friends, just when you thought I was gone for good…I’m back.  Fired up about sharing my life with you, because I know I always feel better when I hear about someone else being more of a slacker than I am.  (This does not happen often, so the effect is magnified for me more than for most people.)  But, as disorganized and best-intentioned but oft-not-doing as I am, Jesus loves me!  And He knows me better than any of you, even my (usually) sweet, (80% of the time) patient husband.  So as His mercies are new every morning, I am able to get up every day and ask, “Well, what about today, Lord?”  Being a stay-at-home mom with no children with whom to stay at home can be perplexing.  You start your day (or at least I do) like you’re sitting on the pole for the Daytona 500  (boogity, boogity, boogity, let’s go racing, kids!) and rush everyone to the school and come home and bam! Silence.  And a bunch of laundry and dust balls staring you down with their beady little eyes.

So I took a picture this morning of my laundry room just to be totally honest with you here…this is my life.  But a messy laundry room for me means boys who play football outside regardless of the weather, and a husband who goes outside to play with them when he comes home from work, and a daughter who gets ravioli on her shirt because she’s always reading and never looking at what she’s doing, and a dog who thinks a pile of dirty clothes on the floor make a better dog bed than anything I could buy her at the store.  Not so bad, maybe even a blessing, when you think of it that way.  Which I will try to do.



  1. i knew you would come back! actually, i didn't really know, but i was really hoping you would! i even put your long outdated blog on the bloglines of my blog just so i would know the moment that you finally updated this old thing! welcome back susan. 🙂

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