We Made It!

So I am writing this from Germany after a long night on an airplane! We got to Charlotte and checked in with no real problems. We were quite a procession with all three kids running and pulling their backpacks behind them through the concourse. They were so excited and ready to get on the plane. They all did great on both plane trips -Charlotte to Detroit, Detroit to Frankfurt. Jack kept referring to takeoff as “blast off” and would white-knuckle the arm rests on takeoff and landing, but he seemed as excited as he was nervous. The boys all slept on the plane and none of the girls did (me, Mom and Emma) so we are all feeling a wee bit tired this morning, actually afternoon. My Ipod stopped working properly and Emma’s DVD player didn’t work, but we had enough other things to keep us occupied. We gave the kids Dramamine when we got on the plane and I was the one who felt a little motion sickness on takeoff, but then my Dramamine kicked in and I was ok. Will looked a little pale when we got off the plane in Germany, and continued to get whiter while we waited on our checked luggage. I thought he would throw up for sure, but he managed to pull through ok and Ann and Jeff met us there, loaded us up, and we were on our way.
Mason and Katy are very grown up and very tall. I told Ann they make our kids look like pygmies. Will thinks he has died and gone to heaven because he gets lots of time on Katy and Mason’s Wii, and Emma is diligently doing her homework.
We leave for Paris in the morning. I am so excited. I guess I need to decide what I really want to see there, since I’m the one who wanted to go so bad.


5 thoughts on “We Made It!”

  1. Yea!!! I’m so glad you are bogging. I’ll get a peak into your everyday life. The song list was helpful…you and Buffy’s blog can educate me in the world of “pop” music as my husband cannot abide it. How was Paris? I’m so excited to see your pics and hear your anecdotes from the trip…I admit I’m a little jealous! We’re thinking of you and praying for safety, fun, and harmony! Eliza

  2. Your trip sounds like so much fun!! Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I am going to love reading about the Kendricks because I miss you all so much! Boone is not the same without you.And just to clarify, this is not the same Eliza as the previous two posts. Crazy!

  3. We love the blog–especially the pictures. Emma, Will and Jack are looking so grown up!…I am also living vicariously through you at the moment…Paris sounds so much better than Raleigh in the rain with a sick and shrieking Anne Hadley.We miss you guys.

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