It was a great day for an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday! Grandaddy and Daddy hid about 90 eggs (we think) and the kids had so much fun finding them. Emma found the silver egg and Will had a repeat as the golden egg winner. Emma told Jack that she would give him the golden egg if she found it, so both of them were disappointed when Will came up with it. I could see an “it’s not fair” type announcement hovering on Emma’s lips, but she managed to keep it in. And then Grandmama gave five dollars to everybody anyway, so we’re all winners! I did not pack a lick while Justin’s parents were here, so now I am really under the gun. I feel pretty confident I’ll get it all done. I still have two more days, right? Next I’ll say, “What could go wrong?” and a tree will come crashing down on our roof and the passports will be the only things damaged beyond repair. It’s already 1:30 and I have most of my stuff packed and about halfway done with Emma. Next come the boys and Justin is on his own. Boudreaux is going to live with Mark Miller – yea, Mark! and he will come to pick her up on Tuesday, bless his sweet heart. Tuesday Dad is bringing Mom to us and then the excitement will really pick up! Mostly in the form of Mom saying, “Did you remember this? and this?” And me saying, “Oh no! How did I manage to pack without you!” Just kidding, Mom.

Jack is turning into a reader, overnight it seems. For months we have worked on it via Learn to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and he was game, but not very interested. Now he wants to read for himself and we have found some books that he can read. It is so much fun! Right now he is pretending to be a dog and barking at me and trying to climb into my lap, so I guess it’s time to go. Plus I want to get my exercise in before the kids get home from school.


1 thought on “Easter”

  1. So this is Frank not Stephanie. As I write it sounds like my child is being tortured in the next room. It’s really just my wife putting him to sleep. Maybe with a knuckle sandwich. I’m excited Jack is reading. I thought that he might just rebel since your other little friends were baby geniuses. The blog is great. I love the pictures of Bordeaux, that’s so Justin to name his dog after a wine. (I will forever refer to your dog as Bordeaux). I am really excited that the guys like ‘Smoke on the Water’. I had an image of them yelling ‘fire in the sky’. We miss y’all and hope to see you soon.

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